16.Jul 2017

Please check out the new trailer of  João O Maestro – Filme, based on the history of the master João Carlos Martins.

Avaliable in August 17th in all movie theaters in Brazil.

15.Jul 2017

João Carlos Martins was a child with serious health problems. Because of that, he had a reclusive childhood. But one fine day, the piano entered the life of John. From there, emerges a stubborn boy, who, in a few years, becomes one of the greatest promises of world music erudite. In the moment that passes a being recognized by the international artistic community, John suffers an accident that affects a nerve of his arm and interrupts his career. John does not give up and play again, but a labor paralysis and prevents him from continuing. That way he ends his career and will get involved with a policy where he is accused of tax fraud. When everything seems to be lost, João decides to resume his musical career and enormous success. But, by irony of fate, John is assaulted during a robbery and suffers a brain injury that affects his entire right side. The pains are isolated and the doctors decide to cut the nerve of his right hand. Using only a left hand, he performs numerous concerts around the world, which causes overload in his hand and causes cancer. Without giving up his passion for music, he has just become a master.

Cast Confirmed

Alexandre Nero as João

Ficha Técnica
Genre: Biography
Director and Writer: Mauro Lima
Producer: Paula Barreto
Executive Producer: Rômulo Marinho
Distributor: Europa Filmes
Co-production: Globo Filmes


14.Jul 2017

Already started the Pre-production of the TV series “Toda Forma de Amor” by Marcelo Pedreira.

13.Jul 2017

Super delight news with our beloved Maestro João Carlos Martins. He mentions the next LC Barreto production that is in the oven, and will soon be in theaters. The movie does not have a definite name yet, but we’ll tell you about it already.

Check out the news here.

12.Jul 2017

Check out the trailer for Amor de 4, which will debut on Canal Brasil on January 13th!
Do not miss it!